Our favourite photographers

Capturing Georgian Hills Vineyards

At Georgian Hills Vineyards, we are blessed to have worked with many of the areas best photographers. Below are our shoutouts to the ones who've contibuted their art and eye to our beautiful website.


Kirsten Schollig

A local branding and wedding photographer, Kirsten does so much more than just take photos. Her specialty is making you feel special – by expertly guiding you to look and feel your best, her presence instantly puts you at ease so you actually enjoy the experience of being photographed. So much so that you’ll want to do it again, and again. Wild, right?!


Corynn Fowler

Corynn is a wedding photographer, entrepreneur, and dog lover based out of Toronto and Collingwood. Specializing in capturing candid, relaxed, and timeless wedding photographs, Corynn believes in doing things a bit differently, breaking the mold, and capturing what is important.


Emma Nichol

Emma is a 5th generation Collingwood local who embarked on her professional photography journey and launched her own business in 2021. With her passion and belief in photography, Emma is able to capture moments and hold time still for those she shoots for to look back on for years to come.


Jessica Crandlemire

Jessica is someone who feels deeply blessed to be able to do the thing she loves most in the world. Lover of the magic light makes and chaser of emotive moments. The thing Jessica hopes for most is that her images make you feel something.


Destiny Dawn

Destiny’s work is imagery for the soulful heart. The art of capturing moments that tell the pages of our story.


Maxime Escario

Maxime, hailing from France, is a filmmaker that has recently relocated to the Grey County area in 2022. Maxime loves telling stories through videography with a focus on events, tourism, sports and branding content. His goal is to help anyone that wants to tell their story and make an impact.